Experience Based Programs
A custom benefits program built for you
Building on the size and strength of our pool, ClearBenefits.ca offers wholesale rates for custom, experience-based plans.

ClearBenefits.ca designs, manages and services experience-based benefits plans, helping you implement the right plan for your business.

Coverage Options

Employee benefit plans can include combinations of:

Catastrophic Benefits:  Insures “Unexpected Events”

• Life Insurance

• Accidental Death & Dismemberment

• Dependent Life

• Optional Life Insurance

• Critical Illness Insurance

• Short Term Disability

• Long Term Disability

• Emergency Travel Medical Assistance

Experience Based Benefits:  Insures usage-based benefits:

• Prescription Drugs

• Health Benefits (Paramedical, medical equipment…)

• Vision Care

• Dental Benefits

• Employee Assistance Programs

Working with businesses of all sizes for over 30 years

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Benefits Management
Manage an Existing Plan

There are times when it can make the most sense to work with your current provider. ClearBenefits.ca now offers Benefits Management services for plans currently with selected insurers.

ClearBenefits.ca will become your primary contact for Plan Administrator and Advisor service & claims support.

Our benefits program process

Step 1: Client Needs Evaluation

Step 2: Client Outcomes

Step 3: Plan Restructuring 

Step 4: Staff Communication

Step 5: Service and Support

Understanding Your Experience-Rated Renewal

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Easy set-up. No medical questions required.

put your benefits plan in a superior position, with rate stability normally only available to larger employers