A cost effective solution for specialty drugs that is focused on the well-being of plan members living with complex medical conditions.

We’ve partnered with HealthForward Inc. to deliver a medication management program that provides plan sponsors and their members with the benefits of a preferred pharmacy network and additional support services to help manage specialty drug prescriptions.

What are specialty drugs?

Specialty drugs are high cost medications used totreat complex or chronic conditions – such as Hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. They involve prior coverage authorization for coverage, special handling, special administration and the provision of additional support for those who are taking them. Specialty drugs are expensive and can be difficult to manage for those who depend on them.

The benefit of personalized attention and savings

We understand that plan members who require specialty drugs often face unique health challenges.Our partner, HealthForward Inc., is available to support them with:⦁ follow-up to ensure the prescribed treatment regime is understood and medications are taken on schedule⦁ the removal of treatment barriers⦁ referrals to manufacturer support programs, and more

Convenience and support

Enrollment in the program is a seamless and integrated part of the standard prior-authorization process that already applies to most specialty drugs. Plan members are required to fill their specialty drug prescription at an approved network pharmacy in order to be eligible for reimbursement. To ensure convenience, all of our
pharmacy partners offer home and clinic delivery services.

As part of our commitment your health, The Co-operators Medication Management Program provides additional services and support so that plan members living with serious medical conditions are able to focus on what matters most, their treatment and well-being.