Learn more about the advantages of the ClearBenefits.ca program for the Franchise industry


Our pooled program was originally designed for the Retail, Service and Franchise Industry

ClearBenefits.ca has one of the only programs that works for the Franchise Industry as it addresses many of the issues unique to insuring this industry, including:

    • Franchisor generally has no ownership interest in the franchisee locations
    • Setting up plans usually requires 100% franchisee participation, which is generally not possible

Advantages to the Franchisor:

  • Participation in a larger existing program
  • Wide spread of risk across multiple industries and geographic locations
  • Can offer franchisees choice of coverage 1 program with 10 options under 1 umbrella program
  • Does not require full participation of the franchisees
  • Central administration by the Franchisor is not required
  • Central payment of premiums by the Franchisor is not required
  • Puts all locations on the same cost structure on a per-province basis
  • All locations get the same renewal

Advantages to the Franchisee:

  • Participation is optional
  • Franchisees selects their own program & option that best meets their needs
  • Available or groups of 2+ (including owners)
  • Up to 100% family content
  • Can start from 6 months in business
  • Franchisees responsible for their own premiums and administration.

For more information, please visit the Franchise Industry section of our website: https://www.clearbenefits.ca/pooled-programs/#franchise