The federal government announced its annual revisions to Employment Insurance (EI) maximums and premium rates.
Effective January 1, 2018, the following changes will affect Short Term Disability (STD) volumes and premiums:

This change affects your STD plan if:

  • The benefit is a flat amount equal to the EI maximum
  • The STD maximum is equal to the EI maximum
  • STD benefits are calculated using EI maximum insurable earnings

If your STD plan is affected and your group is head office billed, your January billing statement shows premium adjustments for plan members eligible for an increased benefit.

If your group is self-reporting, please adjust your January premium remittance, as well as all subsequent months to reflect the new STD volumes of insurance and total premiums.

Plans with a benefit lower than the EI maximum will not change unless you specifically request a change. If your insured STD plan or self-insured sick leave plan provides a maximum weekly benefit less than the new EI weekly maximum benefit of $547, your plan may not qualify for the EI premium reduction program. Contact your Group Benefits Advisor for further information.

Federal EI premium rates and maximums – Canada Revenue Agency